I love the quality service and fair prices on the orders that I make. Even though it takes a longer period of time to receive order it is well worth the wait !!


Very good service and product. No complaints or problems whatsoever.

Dallas Campos,

I have been using this company for about a year and can't say enough about their customer service and dedication to supplying a quality product at a discounted price. I was skeptical when I first found this company online wondering how they could offer such discounts. Many thanks for great products, exceptional customer service and a dedication to your customers that is rarely found in business these days.


I've used RX-PAIN PILLS  for years. They are competent, efficient, and a reliable source of Rx drugs. Oh, can't forget how much less expensive than U.S. sources of medications. Great discounted cost compared to US. fast and easy to use website, great purchase options.

Service was fine. Only issue I have is that you do not take mastercard or visa leaving me to send you a check.

Tim V. Barkley, Customer. Hemet, California, United States